Jul 6, 2011


My plane touched down at Miri Airport's runway exactly at 1125 last Saturday. I was the first one to reach the institute. I had this mixture of feelings the moment I drove in. I can't seem to let the images of the institute to simmer down into my brain. The aftermath of superbly long holidays. I felt like I'm an alien when I entered my room. Gosh, the room doesn't even look like a room. It was in a big mess. There was an event to be held later that evening (one of the main purposes I came back early).

After cleaning up my room, I went to the airport with Ricky to fetch Khatika. After sending her to her sister's house we went for dinner at Airy Cafe. Immediately after that, went to the airport to fetch Hilman since it was almost 8p.m. and his flight was scheduled to reach Miri at 8p.m.. Thankfully the event that night had been postponed till 8.30p.m. The moment we reached the airport, Hilman stepped out from the arrival hall, 10 minutes early from the E.T.A.

Gratefully, I wasn't the only one to reach here early, later that evening, Haziq arrived around 9p.m. followed by Jo and Azrul was the last one to reach the institute. Ilanggo arrived at 1.p.m that afternoon after me. I was so happy seeing those old faces again (it was like a family reunion).

Apr 19, 2011

It's Almost Over

Our first experience entering the degree programme will be over in two weeks time. Time flies very fast and it seems just like yesterday we began our journey as a teacher trainee. Our third semester will commence in July for 7 weeks and the second semester would be somewhere in September. Enough said, Haziq turned 20 few days ago, pity him he was smashed with eggs and poured with stocking juice. Anyways, Happy Birthday Haziq! Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.

The exam had been overwhelming, a lot of stuff had to be drilled into our brain. There are 3 more papers to go and then it's holiday!! What am I going to do during that 2 months of holiday? Anyways, Happy Holidays to my fellow coursemates and remember to stay safe.
This post ends here..

Apr 15, 2011


We are facing our worse nightmare this week, and the upcoming week. Guess what, our final exam are here, and some of us still have to sit for MUET on Saturday, that will be tomorrow (good luck guys!). Just sat for our philosophy paper moments ago and oh boy it was quite tough. Got my facts jumping here and there. 3 more papers to go and then it's holiday!! YEAAA!!!

Sadly for some of us, the lifespan of our holiday has been shortened from 5 months to 3 months. Thank God for that, I don't know what to do in such a long holiday, that would be almost half a year. We are going to have a short course for 7 weeks starting from July 4 till August 19, 2011 comprising of 3 papers. The Pokemons that will teach us during the course are Mdm Iramon, Mdm Hairainimon and Mr Nursarehanmon.

Anyways, to end this post I wish all of my course mates good luck for the exam and MUET. May all is well.

Mar 21, 2011


Holidays are over, still have to see the sunrise for another 40+ times before our superfreakinglong holidays. All of us are busy finishing our assignments, and getting ready for our first paper on the 13th of April. Now we are doing our LAW assignment in class under the supervision of Mdm Hairani. So nice of her willingly to help us with it. Seemly the March holiday had restored the energy we've lost previously and hoping that it will be sufficient for us to survive.

Most of us are still in our holiday mode (I am).

Mar 7, 2011

As Busy As a Bee

We are getting our hands out of the pocket this month. The road is getting tougher day by day and a lot of us are still not ready for it. Before the upcoming March holiday, we have to prepare for our community service at SMK Lopeng Tengah, have to make sure the paperworks are done (good luck Freddy). The community service has to be carried out before the exam which would be in April. Aside from that, we are "tsunamatized" by Educational Psychology and we have to perform a play for our Literature assignment.

Last Friday, during our first meeting for our community service, we came out with various of choices what should we do for this semester. After going through 3 hours of discussion (which was very tiring, stressing and agonizing), we decided to carry out the service at a village in Bekenu. I text Madam Maria about it and our suggestion was treated as a pile of garbage that was ready to be burned. All of us got tensed up about it and wished that they told us earlier what they want us to do for our community service. We have to reconstruct almost everything and the 3 hours discussion was for nothing.

As the weeks pass by, the burdens keep on coming. I don't know about my classmates but I'm totally worn out this semester. Have to change my tires soon to keep up with the phase. Seems to me everyone is moving faster than I am. Hoping everything would turn out okay at the end of this month.

P/s: Halil is getting older this year (one year older that is). Anyways, research proved that individuals who celebrated birthday the most, live the longest.

Feb 22, 2011

In Despair

This would be the first post of February. Our lives has been topsy-turvy lately, full with task to be done and uncertainty of some subjects. We are going to organize an activity for the upcoming language week which would in March. We are actually more of the sidekick rather than the main character in this activity. Majority of us are still in the state of obnubilation regarding two particular subjects, Philosophy of Malaysia Education and Educational Psychology. Well, for one thing, both of the subjects are very philosophical and a lot of us are not philosophy material. Guess what, our philosophy subject is in English Language which add hundreds of pounds on our back (most of us) and yet we just found the book translated in English Language this week. As for psychology, the books that we are suppose to use have not arrive yet and our lecturer ordered it at the beginning of January. Guess we are on planet Mars which cause the delay.

Anyways, enough of that, our next holidays are just around the corner, that would be in March. We were planning to have a class trip but due to a lot of constraints we have to postpone the trip.

We had our class GC last week and the class look good. Although we do need to do a lot of touch-up afterwards.

Guys, I think it's time for us to buckle up because we are about to hit the top gear on this bumpy road ahead of us. Chow for now. (I don't think the "chow" spelling is correct).

Jan 12, 2011

Another Revamp

It has been ages since the last post. We are a now currently cruising in our degree programme, and there are lots of big wave we need to surf out. Firstly I would like to welcome our new members of the family . They are Ahmad Azrul from IPGKTAR, Ilanggo, Jennie and Rachel from IPGKGaya. Adding another 4 to the 16 of us. Class is getting bigger and hopefully better. We have just entered our degree programme a couple of weeks ago. We are twinning with the National University of Malaysia and are 2 weeks behind schedule. We are taking Kemahiran Bahasa Melayu this semester and I'm loving it!

The institute's assembly was the day all of us got a slam from the Head of Students' Affair Dept, and yes, it was excruciatingly agonizing. Looking bad in front of other teacher trainees was not the best feeling all of us would love to experience. Being a TESLian, we just keep our head held high. (and we don't give a damn, a shit, an ass about it).

Hey Barb, I think we need another revamp since we have new family members. But no pressure. You can do it anytime you want. That is all for this post. Will be continue in another. :)