Jul 6, 2011


My plane touched down at Miri Airport's runway exactly at 1125 last Saturday. I was the first one to reach the institute. I had this mixture of feelings the moment I drove in. I can't seem to let the images of the institute to simmer down into my brain. The aftermath of superbly long holidays. I felt like I'm an alien when I entered my room. Gosh, the room doesn't even look like a room. It was in a big mess. There was an event to be held later that evening (one of the main purposes I came back early).

After cleaning up my room, I went to the airport with Ricky to fetch Khatika. After sending her to her sister's house we went for dinner at Airy Cafe. Immediately after that, went to the airport to fetch Hilman since it was almost 8p.m. and his flight was scheduled to reach Miri at 8p.m.. Thankfully the event that night had been postponed till 8.30p.m. The moment we reached the airport, Hilman stepped out from the arrival hall, 10 minutes early from the E.T.A.

Gratefully, I wasn't the only one to reach here early, later that evening, Haziq arrived around 9p.m. followed by Jo and Azrul was the last one to reach the institute. Ilanggo arrived at 1.p.m that afternoon after me. I was so happy seeing those old faces again (it was like a family reunion).

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